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Best Gameboy Advance GBA ROM emulator for Android?

My Boy! GBA Emulator is the Best One We’ve used for Android

I have to admit. I didn’t really think that things would quickly enter the realm of the mundane but it did. In 1983, NES was considered by all as cutting edge technology. But now, things have advanced dramatically. Even oven toasters have more computing power compared to a NES. Just think of that space shuttle currently orbiting our planet – the computers that put them in space have less raw power compared to your smartphone.

Now that smartphones are equipped with better computing power, you can start doing things that would not have been possible years ago – emulating older devices. With the right app, your Android phone can mimic consoles like the SEGA Genesis, NES and yes, the GameBoy Advance.

best gameboy emulator android gbc

There are lots of emulators for the GBA but I can definitely say with utter confidence that the My Boy! GBA Emulator offers more features than all others. It combines customization, Bluetooth and excellent emulation in one single package. With it, you get the following:

GBA ROM High-End Emulation

My Boy! has all the features that you can expect from a top of the line Gameboy Advance emulator app. It doesn’t use up a lot of battery power, it can reproduce games up to 60 FPS with really good compatibility rates. It’s equipped with BIOS emulation so there’s no need to check Google to find a zip file for your Castlevania fix.
The customization options of this app is also pretty impressive. You can change its transparency, on-screen buttons, layout and size. The IME controller support is also available to help you with hardware functions. Perhaps the only thing we weren’t so happy about is the lack of save state if you use the free version. With it, you can only save in-game.

Download MyBoy! Premium Version APK

If you want to paid version of this app emulator, you’ll have to shell out $5 which in my opinion is a bit high for an app. However, you also need to consider what you get for the price. You will get the link cable emulation which will enable you to connect to another player using Bluetooth or a second ROM copy on your phone. This feature is really fantastic because you can trade Pokemon with your friend or you can fight against them.

But be warned however that users have reported this particular link play will only work if you and your friend have identical ROMs. So you can trade between Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red.

The premium or paid version also gets other features like emulation state saving, 16x fast forward, multiple screen layouts and multi-line cheat codes.


The My Boy! GBA Emulator for Android is a great app that gives you high quality emulation. It’s expensive (the full premium version) but we would not hesitate to buy it if only for its ability to let you trade Pokemon with your friends.

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