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Gameboy Advance XG-Flash GBA - USB linker

XG-Flash USB Linker & XG-Crards for GBA
The XG Flash is the latest addition to the growing Gameboy Advance development scene. The XG Flash is the smallest external versions of flash advance writer. Orriginal FA & Xtreme are much bigger.

The XG Flash is compatible with EZ Flash for the GBA. Both software and the hardware is 100% compatible . By this we mean that you can use an XG Flash "linker" with an EZ Flash card and vice-versa. The biggest advantage of the XG Flash is that it is probably the cheapest flash and linker combination on the market today.

The XG Flash Flash Card is the same size as an original GBA Card and will run all games at full speed. Has built in support for SRAM game saves and software support for Flash and EEPROM game saves. This is one of the better features of the XG Flash - it can be upgraded simply by updating the software and therefore it appears to never be out-dated.

Main Features

  •  Rom Linker with USB interface
  •  Standard GBA cartridge size
  •  Fast speed and easy to use
  •  Use with 128M or 256MB XG & EZ flash card
  •  Upgradeable with software

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All the info about FA Linkers: Flash 2 Advance, XG-Flash and GBA USB Flash Extreme Linker. Reda reviews, Download Flash linker software and freeware gba roms

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Flash Advance Linker

FA Linker (FA Extreme USB) is a device for creating Gameboy Game Backups - gba roms. It can also be used for writing GBA roms from PC to GBA Flash Cards so letting you play gameboy games for free!

Supercard SD Adapter (GBA+SP+DS/DS-Lite) - Slot 2
Play GBA ROMs from SD
cards on GBA SP & DS Lite
with SuperCard SD and
EZ-Flash IV mini SD adapter


256M GBA Flash Card

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