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Nintendo DS / DSi Multi-Cartridges : Save Money while Enjoying the best games!

Order compilation cartridges with DS, DSi and even NES, GAMEBOY and GBC games on them - all of which will work on Nintendo DSi, DS Lite and NDS consoles!

Another option for advanced games is to hand-pick the games from the DS Game Database and virtually build a custom multicart that will be built and shipped to you... check NDS multi Game Database for details of games. More than 4500 available to choose from.

With your Nintendo DS games multicart, you can go on an exploration just like you did when you were younger. You can even use it as stress reliever. While you pour your emotions and creativity into the game, you will be calmer than ever. When you are pressured at work, you can go to your Nintendo DS corner in your house and extricate yourself from all those wrinkles in the forehead. When your face is not contorted with the throbbing pain in your head due to your boss’ scolding, you can then start to play your game.

However, if you are the type who easily gets bored with one game, you can now take your enjoyment to the next level. You can share the games with your children and let them feel what you always feel when you immerse yourself in the game and never come back to the surface when you are not yet done with your mission – to enjoy yourself.

ds dsi multi cartridgeThough there are multiple games in the new Nintendo DSi Multi Carts, you need not pay in increasing rates that are in direct proportion with the number of games inside. It is even much cheaper to buy DS Multi Game Cartridges than a single cartridge. Usually, a Nintendo single cartridge can be bought at price of $25 to 45 USD. However, you can buy an NDS Multi-cart at less than $100 with games worth thousands of dollars on it. Is this not amazing? You can really save a lot but still enjoy at a much higher level. You can actually jump from one game to another without spending too much on your cartridges.

Thus, you will be better off when you opt to buy NDS Multi-carts. You will not get bored with just playing one game. Instead, you can choose whatever you feel like playing. A higher level of entertainment does not mean that it needs to be more expensive. This is what Nintendo is all about. Enjoy Gaming at a Higher Level!

DSi Multi-Cartridges : DS NES GAMEBOY Games on one DSi cartridge »

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NDS Lite / Nintendo DSi
Virtual Console Multi Game Cartridge with DS/DSi and NES 8-bit, GAMEBOY and GB COLOR games!

dsi virtual console

Buy NDS Multi
Starting at $79 USD

Supercard SD Adapter (GBA+SP+DS/DS-Lite) - Slot 2
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